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An entrance to your home or your property can be just that, an entrance, -or- it can offer its own style with a custom-built entryway that instantly adds uniqueness and curb appeal as you drive onto your property.

These entrances can be constructed using an array of materials and styles: rounded logs, square cut timber, stone, metal, or a combination of several of those to suit your tastes.

An entrance to your home

We enjoy a challenge around here and adding a custom entrance to your property gives us that opportunity as well as digging into our creativity to come up with a design just the way you imagine it. Much like a fingerprint, no two custom entrances are the same and we love working with our clients on these unique projects.

When it comes to planning for a driveway entrance, there are several things to consider with size and engineering so that it's built correctly the first time with longevity and sustainability in mind.

We have the experience to guide you through the design process to come up with an end result that you ultimately can find enjoyment and pride in each time you travel through your property.

Timber Driveway Entrance completed by JK Construction
Trailer with Logs for Timber Driveway Entrance

Your driveway entrance

After the design phase is complete, we get down to business! Check out this photo. The huge timber pictured has already been custom milled and treated and is ready to be set. After our foundation is ready, we set the beams and you can see our finished product at the top of this page.

Below you can see JK Construction is setting the supporting beams on either side in preparation for the large log top beam. And we also show the banding together of the three supporting beams. And most important is the finished look.

Timber Driveway setting supporting beams
Finished Timber Driveway Entrance Side View

Welcome Home

These next images are another example of our company's experience with building Timber Driveway Entrances.  Here we show the before and after comparison of this beautiful country driveway. Lined with lilacs and grass, it's a great way to drive to your front door. Then once we were finished with the addition of the timber driveway entrance that you can see in the after picture, what a difference! It's as if the house is suddenly screaming, no longer whispering, "Welcome Home!"

Before we built a timber driveway entrance


The finished example to another timber driveway entrance


Slide the arrow up or down to reveal the BEFORE and AFTER images.

Contact JK Construction today to discuss your vision for a Timber Driveway Entrance.

Contact JK Construction today to discuss your vision for a Timber Driveway Entrance.

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