A beautiful place to live

One of our passions here at JK Construction is making existing structures breathe new life. The most common path to accomplish that is by remodeling the space to make it updated and fresh. Another way, however, is by creating an entirely new space with an addition to what was already there.

Many times, remodels and additions go hand-in-hand. What may start out as a remodel can quickly turn into a remodel with an addition, or vice versa.

A place to feel comfortable

Though we have a heart for building new construction homes from the ground up, we get so excited when we have the opportunity to spruce up what was already there. We are pioneers in our community, our family has been in the area for over 100 years so we take pride in this little slice of heaven on the Western Slope of Colorado and we want everyone to see what we see - a beautiful place to live and work.

Sometimes structures need some updating to make things look the way that we feel - and we are up to the task! This picture at the right features the final product of an addition we completed for a growing family that needed a few more bedrooms. You can see the fresh dirt where the addition was built onto the existing home, but aside from the dirt, can you tell that there was new work completed?

Or does it look like it was always there? The true sign of a good remodel is that it doesn't look like an addition at all. We want every addition to look like it was just always part of the original structure. Shhhh…It can be our little secret!

Exterior of Home Addition by JK Construction
Home addition for new Master Bedroom

A Perfect Design

In the left you see a picture that shows the new master bedroom that was added on to the existing home with the beautiful detail of a tray ceiling and hidden LED lighting within the crown molding.

Spaces With A Luxury Feel

Soaking tub for home addition with new Bathroom
Home addition for new bedroom

Not only did we add on two new bedrooms, but in the above pictures, you can see we also created a new master bathroom complete with a luxurious freestanding air tub ready for many hours of soaking enjoyment. Not a bad way to spend an evening! Next up is the second bedroom we added for a new little bundle of joy this family welcomed, complete with her own walk-in closet with enough space for all of the pretty dresses to come.

While we worked on this home addition, we addressed other areas of the house, including work in the living room by creating the below fireplace entertainment space to enjoy a warm fire while relaxing in front of the television. Adjacent to the new fireplace, we also created a custom built-in nook that matches all existing cabinetry in the home to tie all new spaces together. This is typically how additions happen; we complete the addition and generally do some remodeling along the way also.

Additions to your home can make your space more functional and provide a way to extend the years you plan to stay in your home.

Home Addition with New Stone Fireplace built by JK Construction
Custom nook for Home Addition

Contact JK Construction so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your Home Addition dreams come true.

Contact JK Construction so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your Home Addition dreams come true.

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