A beautiful part of Colorado

When the first trains arrived in Cimarron in the early 1880's, the passengers were greeted by numerous tents and one log cabin. It was realized that getting trains over the steep summit grades would require helper engines.

From that point on, Cimarron began to develop into a railroad town complete with a roundhouse and station facilities.

Iconic View

As technology advanced, the narrow-gauge railroad became a thing of the past, but the beauty of the area continues to draw visitors and new residents. We here at JK Construction love working in this area; it's such a beautiful part of Colorado and it's history.

JK Construction is a local residential general contractor that would enjoy the opportunity to help you with your home building and remodeling.  Our specialties include Whole Home Remodeling, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, and Outdoor Living.  Additions, Barndominiums and Custom Home Building are traditional services we provide.  Our craft expands to Framing and Historic Remodeling too.

Exterior of historic home remodeled in Cimarron
Kitchen Remodel in historic home in Cimarron

A Historic Remodel

The picture above shows the exterior of a historic remodel we completed in Cimarron. Those familiar with the area will recognize this iconic view. We were very grateful to be able to work on this historic remodel.

In this image, you see the interior of this home remodel in Cimarron.

Timber Driveway Entrance completed by JK Construction

A Custom Entrance

Another project we enjoyed in the Cimarron area is this finished timber driveway entrance. We enjoy a challenge around here and adding a custom entrance to your property gives us that opportunity as well as digging into our creativity to come up with a design just the way you imagine it.

Much like a fingerprint, no two custom entrances are the same and we love working with our clients on these unique projects.

Contact JK Construction today so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your Cimarron home building and remodeling dreams come true.

JK Construction
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